Welcome to my little site devoted to the quirky (and now cancelled- thanks FOX) little television show known as Wonderfalls that was shot on location in both Niagara Falls and Toronto.

Suffering from withdrawal from the cancelled show?  Is the DVD not giving you your weekly fix? 

If you're looking for some bonus material, I've converted the pre-DVD Wax-Lion (ie: pilot episode)  Commentary that was floating around the internet into an mp3 so that you can rewind and forward through it to allow easier syncing up with the DVD.  I've also normalized the audio levels in it so that it sounds a bit better.  This commentary is different than the one found on the DVD. 

 WF Pilot Pre-DVD commentary mp3

Are you living in a dream world where you wish you could grab a drink at the Barrel or go shopping at the  store itself?  Well if you happen to be in Toronto and are willing to suspend your common senses and pretend that you're in Niagara Falls for a little while, now you can, sort of.   

Needing a hobby and being from Toronto, I thought it might be neat to try and develop a guide that documents some of the Toronto locations used for shooting and filming that are seen on the show.  I gotta admit I got the idea from the Back to the Future Tour which shows the locations of many of the sites used in the first Back to the Future movie.

Please note that even though there are only 4 episodes that were actually shown on TV in the US, the remaining shows were aired in Canada on Vision TV. (One of the benefits of living in Canada, I suppose) In addition, due to the nice people at Fox (I guess they aren't that bad) and an enormous ground swell of support for the show, there is also a 3 disc Wonderfalls DVD set that was recently released that contains among other things, all the episodes that were filmed. 

Most of the pictures I've taken and are displayed on the site are thumbnails. You can click on the thumbnails to see the larger version. I apologize for the slow loading for those on slow internet connections since due to the nature of the site, it can be a tad picture intensive.  

All screen captures are for reference purposes only and are copyright of FOX.

Even though, I've seen all the episodes, I still went out and purchased the DVD set which you can get online for a reasonable amount or rent it from netflix. 

Now on with the Wonderfalls Tour!

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