The Barrel

The Barrel is  IMHO the hub of the show since this is where most of the interesting action takes place.  As with Wonderfalls, some of the scenes from the pilot in the Barrel were shot on location in an actual pub in Toronto and the remaining Barrel scenes (including those from the remaining episdoes) were shot on a set. 

Any interior Barrel scene from the pilot that did not feature Mahandra was shot on location at The Academy of Spherical Arts.  Basically the original Mahandra scenes  staring a different actress were shot at the same restaurant, however when they recast the character, they then had the Barrel set available to them and so those scenes were reshot with the set.  So for example, the scene where Sharon and the delivery guy have their unofficial date were shot in the pub, whereas the new scenes with Mahandra sitting at the bar were shot on a set.   If you're interested in seeing the pilot with the original Mahandra, it can be seen on Youtube.

The exterior of The Barrel which is seen thorughout the show and probably most clearly seen in Episode 2 (Woundup Penguin) when Katrina storms out after discovering Jaye's bet with Father Scofield


The building is not a bar at all and is located just a little bit from the intersection of Front and Cherry St. in Toronto.  Thanks go to "MakerofPaths" on the Save Wonderfalls Message Forum for the info.  As far as I can tell is the headquarters for the charitable group "Food For All Street Kids", though the building also appears to house a host of other businesses/groups that are not associated with the charitable organiziation.  I noticed there was some sort of film group where they prepare the canisters for films.  Also of note in this building complex is the famous "Canary Restaurant" which is now closed but at one time served to the famous.  Never having eaten there, I don't know if it's any good, but it looked like a regular diner to me.


Here's a better shot of the whole building.
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