Police Station

Now if you've gone to visit the exterior of the Barrel, you can also see the building that was used to film the interior of the police station seen also in Episode 3, Wound-Up Penguin.

At the very end of the episode, there is a scene in a police station where father Scofield  sees his daughter for the first time and Jaye realizes what "Bring her back to him" really means. 


The building where this is shot just happens to be a 20 second walk  from where "The Barrel" is, right across the street from the Canary restaurant at Front and Cherry St..   From the outside it looks like any other abandoned building. 

This building could have conceivably been a police station at one time, but I don't know for sure.  Anyone with further information, please advise.


If you sneak a peak into one of the windows, the building appears to be quite empty as it should for what looks to be an abondoned building.  Note the checkerboard floor. 


Looks however can be deceiving. This building is apparently used quite often for shooting police stations scenes.  Heck if you walk around to the back of the building they even have cars painted as Rochester and New York cop cars.

Here are some panoramic pictures taken from the inside of the building when the sets are fully propped.  These were taken from the Ontario Media Development Corporation Digital Library.  Note again the checkerboard floors.  Click on the thumbnails to see a larger version. In the second picture, in the left far corner with the waste paper basket, is the approximate location where Father Scofield meets his daughter. 


Here's a shot of the empty building. 

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