For the store the show is named after, very little actually takes place there. Though since it is the shows namesake, it's probably best to start there.

No, the store Wonderfalls does not actually exist and despite an interesting shot seen in the pilot, it is not located in Niagara Falls. In fact the actual store front for the store is actually located in the court yard of the Liberty Grand Complex located in Toronto.

Due to some clever camera tricks and a computer generated image from the pilot, it appears that the store opens up into a quad that looks over Niagara Falls. In fact this is not the case.


The Liberty Grand Complex is located on the Exhibition grounds at the Canadian National Exhibition.  It's basically a triangular type structure with an interior court yard.   Here is the exterior view of the dome shaped building.


The actual Wonderfalls store scenes from the pilot were shot on location on the interior at the Liberty Grand whereas subsequent Wonderfalls scenes were shot on a set.  The interior shots are best seen by visiting the Liberty Grand Virtual Tour.  The pilot scenes appear to have been shot in the South Lobby since you can see the familiar double doors that are the Wonderfalls entrance/exit. Also the tour gives you a good idea of the closed space of the Liberty Grand Court Yard and how it stands in for the Wonderfalls Quad.

There are also some additional outside shots that are used on the show.  For example, one of the exterior corners of the building stands in for the Opera House in Episode 7-Lovesick Ass.  If you happen to be visiting, it's the corner nearest the Wind Mill. 

Also just to right of this corner, you can see the service exit that Jaye and her would be kidnapper exit as seen in Episode 13-Caged Bird.  The little service road backs into the intersection where Heidi's car hits the van as they attempt to escape. 

Beside this road is a parking lot and adjacent to that, parallel to the road is a little walkway.  This walkway was used to shoot the scene where little Peter  gives himself a black eye while riding his bike.