There are cut scenes and other scenes that are only briefly seen on the show that probably don't warrant their own pages so I thought I'd place them here.


Hillcrest Motel

In Episode 3, we see a brief cut scene of the Hillcrest Motel where Father Scofield is staying as he searches for Sister Katrina.

This motel actually exists in Toronto and is located at 2143 Lakeshore Blvd. W.  Several things to note of interest.  The actual sign contains maple leaves in the little oval emblem above the words Hillcrest.  Since this motel is supposed to be in the US, these things in the show appear to have been digitally altered to insert the words "TV" and "PHONE". 

If you're thinking of staying in the same motel room where Eric and Jaye barge in, you're out of luck.  The room in question (Room 231) as seen on the show doesn't even exist in the actual motel.  Also being a motel, this place doesn't even have hallways that were seen on the show. 



Ride to the Hospital

In the pilot episode, after Thomas' unfortunate encounter with some peanuts, Jaye rushes to the hospital while Sharon is in the backseat about to perform some very rudimentary surgery.  This little trip took place along Yonge St. between Gerard and Dundas St.  If you look at the right and rear view windows of the car as they are driving down you can see two very distinct neon signs belonging to HMV and Sam the Record Man which are on this street.




High and Dry Trailer Park

In the pilot episode, there are some brief cut scenes showing Jayes trailer at the Trailer Park.  It actually looks quite pleasant as she seems to be located right by a lake on a beach.  A lot of people would pay good coin to live on beach front property.  That particular scene was shot at Cherry Beach in Toronto.  

Cherry Beach

Jayes trailer would have been parked right in front of the three trunked tree right where the road begins to turn.

In subsequent episodes, the trailer park moved to more greener pastures and away from the lakeside view to allow for more interesting plots as for example in Muffin Buffalo.  I'm still trying to figure out where the new trailer park scenes were shot.


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